You love those stunning tiles in your bathroom and it cost you a whole lot of money. To maintain them you clean them on a regular basis with of the shelf cleaning products. You want your home in Pasadena to look fantastic and you want to be proud of what you achieved. Unfortunately you will notice grime in the grout lines that you can’t get rid of. The tiles have lost that sparkle they used to have and they seem faded. Call carpet Cleaning Pasadena before you start thinking of replacing them. That is a much more sensible and cheaper solution to you tile cleaning dilemma.

Give us a call right now. Rug Cleaning Pasadena are professionals in cleaning tile and grout in kitchens and bathrooms in the Pasadena area. We are an expert tile cleaning company with years’ experience in the cleaning industry. We are proficient and experienced in bathroom tile, kitchen tile, and Italian tile cleaning.


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Rug Cleaning Pasadena has perfected its cleaning technologies to address stubborn grime on any type of tile. We are especially effective in removing dirt that accumulate between the ridges of textured Italian tiles. Hard scrubbing will damage the tiles and cause them to lose their shine. Our cleaners are experienced in removing oil and grease on your kitchen wall tiles and moldy dark lines on the grouting in your bathroom. We use a special solvent to remove grease, oil stains and food stains on the kitchen tiles. High speed dirt extracting equipment will remove all the soil from the tiles. The technicians will use a protective sealant to protect your tiles from future dirt accrual. This sealant will bring back the shine of your tiles and enhance colors.

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