Carpet Cleaning Pasadena continuously explore innovative cleaning techniques to offer improved couch cleaning services to our customers. Lounge suites are features in most lounges in a house or in the waiting areas of offices. They are bought for their function whilst providing comfortable seating for your family or customers. Couches are some of the most used furniture items in commercial buildings and in homes. Spills and stains is unavoidable and a part of everyday life especially if you have kids or animals.


Our technicians at Carpet Cleaning Pasadena are intensively trained to address your stained couches and they have many years’ experience of cleaning couches. They will remove all the stains, wash and then deep clean your lounge suites. Your couches will look more vibrant than ever before.

Carpet Cleaning Pasadena was established to provide professional cleaning services.  With research and innovative cleaning techniques, we have proven ourselves to be the leaders in the cleaning industry in Pasadena. Our professional technicians understand all of the fabrics and couch designs that are around these days.   A wide variety of fibers, including leather are used to cover couches. We provide cleaning processes that are appropriate for all kinds of couches.

Carpet Cleaning Pasadena has developed a methodical approach to couch cleaning that produces excellent results.  Our technicians will do an inspection your couch, before formulating a cleaning method. The cleaning process will start as soon as you accept our free quote. The stains and marks on the couch will be removed with a non-toxic solvent. We will then apply our special detergent to clean the whole fabric on your couch. Our cleaning equipment gives us access to corners and folds on the couch. You will be able to use your couch after the thorough drying process. A protective solution will be applied to ensure your couch stay protected from future staining.

We guarantee all our cleaning services in Pasadena.